Hi! I’m Lina. I’m a local Malaysian who is open minded, pleasant and accommodating. I loves photography, cooking, nature and traveling, particularly learning about cultures that are different from me. I used to work as a freelance photographer, but now photography is my hobby. I enjoys taking photograph while traveling, Learn different culture and observe beautiful scenery.

As at for now I’ve been covered 28 countries, 145 cities, 3 continents. Over thousands of photos I’ve been captured during 4 season trips. Bestowed an adorable daughter in 2016, now I’m more focusing on taking care of her and had 1 or 2 trips in a year. Any question about photography and travel, you may fill up the contact form or feel free to drop a comment at any of my travel post.

From time to time, I will update this travel blog. There are plenty of travel stories and pictures haven’t posted yet. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog and wait for upcoming update!.