Europe Trip Part II | 13 – 30 December 2015

My second time in Europe was back in 2015, covering some part of 5 countries. Start from Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria & Czech Republic. I was 6 month pregnant mommy to be, yet i was very energetic and excited thorough out the  18 days journey. As usual, I traveled with Mr husband. This was his idea brought me to Europe before I deliver baby and have to rest maybe for a year from traveling abroad. Anyway, everything has went smooth although this was last minute plan.

The idea just popped up when my mid-wife said I fit to travel in my 2nd trimester. Then we’re talking about Northern Aurora, Xmas market & missing Europe definitely. So, the half itineraries and booking done within 2 months before flying. And half of it, I did during the trip. Well, of course I seek an advise from mid-wife whether I can take multiple flight in a day or so, travel long hours or journey. He said yes no problem with that. He gives advises to eat properly, drink more water and get enough sleep. So, the plan was ON!.



Europe Trip Part I | 24 April – 12 May 2011

This trip was finally came true when Airasia announced a new route to Paris. This 13 hours direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris-Orly Airport, I got it at MYR1400 return tickets per person. This trip covering  Paris – Switzerland – Italy – Spain – Portugal and back to Paris again. The journey begin at 1.20am on Sunday, 24th april 2011 and we arrived at 9.00am on the same day. Lets the journey begin.