Hangzhou, CHINA

Visited Hangzhou during autumn season back in 2009. Must visit place was The West Lake.

West Lake is man-made and created after the Chinese love for garden-style parks for recreation. It’s in the western suburbs, the historic center of Hangzhou. West Lake is the symbol of Hangzhou, and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in China.




West Lake is considered one of the best biking routes in China. To admire the beauty of West Lake, visitors can leisurely bike or walk around it. On bike or foot you have more freedom to explore in an environmentally friendly and healthy way. You’ll experience more of the people of China, and experience more of nature.

You can rent a bike from almost every corner of the lake.

Besides the beautiful day and night scenery, the sunset of West Lake is in many China photographers’ list of best dusk shoots.

Sunset at West Lake

West Lake



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