China Visa Application

This is my third time applying China Visa in Malaysia. For Malaysian citizen, it is compulsory to apply Visa before visiting any China Destination for tourism purposes.

How to apply?

The best way is fill up the form online and prepare all the necessary documents then submit personally to China Visa Application Service Center at Hampshire Office building on KL.

Click here to apply online.

Important Documents to bring?

  • Complete application form
  • Passport
  • 1 photocopy of passport
  • 2 passport sized photo with white background
  • Your itinerary for tourism purposes ( flights details & hotel booking)
  • For children application, must attach together photocopy of birth certificate & photocopy of parent’s i/c.

Browse their official website here for more details.

Where to submit?

There’s 2 way to submit your application. You can make an appointment online in order to cut queue or walk-in to the service center at

Click here to make an appointment and choose your date & time slot. Please come to 5th floor and don’t forget to printout the appointment slip and bring with you.

By walk-in, you just go the 5th floor and queue at the main counter to get the number. There are 3 person at the counter checking through your application and documents then issue your waiting number. Friendly and efficient staff at the main counter.

I came with my daughter hence I don’t have to wait like everybody else. I was given a different waiting number. About 5 min waiting, “dingdong” its my turn! Yeah. The whole process done like within 15 mins.

The cost?

Normal application is charge RM100 (visa fee RM30 + service fee RM70). Payment is made during collection of the visa. They accept cash & cards payment. Processing is about 5 working days. There will be no refund if the visa is rejected by the Embassy.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re driving, I’ll suggest you parking your car at Megan Avenue I building just across the road.
  • Photocopy service shop is next to 7-Eleven at Megan Avenue I.

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