Kos Island

Kos Island

Kos is another beautiful island in Greece. It is known for its abundant sandy beaches. It’s also rich with Greek and Roman landmarks, particularly in and around Kos Town. We arrived Kos port at 6:00am so we just wandering around the Kos marina area while waiting for our ferryboat to cross to Bodrum, Turkey.

Kos town a little bit quiet in early morning. It’s fun observing people opening their cafe and shops, and we try to chit chat with some of them. A stroll around town reveals a host of sights to behold including Italian-era buildings, ancient structures, narrow alleys, the marina with the yachts, and the palm-tree boulevard with street artists. It’s quite enjoyable although we spent for few hours here.

Here’s the tips how to cross border Greece and Turkey from Kos Island. Once you get off from the Ferry cruise at Kos Port, You need to walk to Ferryboat counter at the other side (refer map). Along the way, you will see few ferryboats standby at the marina, offering the tickets which is a little bit higher than the official counter. Although you buy the tickets from them, you still need to walk to the cross border checkpoint (where the official ferry counters located). My suggestion is get your tickets at the counter near the checkpoint. You need to go through the checkpoint to get your passport stamped before leaving the country Greece. Price ticket was about Euro 15 per adult one-way.

Direction to go to Kos-Bodrum checkpoint.

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