Cost-Cutting travel tips

This is my tips for cost-cutting trip;

  • subscribe newsletter from airlines company. You will be the first to know on “Promo” fare.
  • plan ahead. Normally i plan a year before.
  • After get your so called “cheap airfare”, now we are talking. u will have plenty of time to book lodging. So, no rush. Book early means u will snap low price lodging.
  • Ok, talk about lodging…why not staying in double/single room with shared bathroom. You still get privacy at lower price.
  • Location? Try to find near the subway/train station/ bus stop. Or even near the places of interest, u might not need any transport to reach the attraction!.
  • Hurmmm about your meal, its a bit tricky. Don’t picky about your meal during travel. You can stop by at mini mart/ bread store/ cafe / streets and grab any light food on the go. What about heavy meals?? Nahh… you always can find it cheap at foodcourt, you can taste local cuisine there.
  • Oh no i need to pay expensive entrance fee for this attraction!!. Seriously?? There are plenty place which is free for you. You can google it “free sightseeing place” any destination you want. Unless you really want to go for paid attraction, please find discounts deal. There are a lot of websites give good deals. Need effort to cut cost for this. 😅😅
  • Travel light. Don’t bring your wardrobe along.

Happy holidays everyone!!


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